Nov 2023
Congratulations LUCAS Alumni Prof Lei Guo elevated to Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

26 Oct 2023
Report Prof Hyondong Oh from UNIST, South Korea gives us a talk

Oct 2023
New post! The UKACC PhD Showcase and Prof Roger Goodall Memorial will be held at LU here.

July 2023
Congratulations Dr Jun Yang has been promoted to Reader

July 2023
Congratulations Dr Cunjia Liu has been promoted to Professor

July 2023
Congratulations Unmanned Systems’ Annual Best Paper Award, Machine Learning-Based Crop Drought Mapping System by UAV Remote Sensing RGB Imagery, by Jinya Su, Matthew Coombes, Cunjia Liu, Yongchao Zhu, Xingyang Song, Shibo Fang, Lei Guo and Wen-Hua Chen

Jan 2023
Congratulations Dr Jingjing Jiang has been promoted to Senior Lecturer

Oct 2023
Project New project funded by QinetiQ for Dual Control application in threat minimization

Dec 2022
Congratulations Dr Jun Yang has been named an IEEE Fellow

Feb 2022
New post! IEEE International conference on mechatronics will be held at LU here.

Feb 2022
Project Futuristic drones and survey robots converge on coastal farm

Jun 2021
Project Next-generation drone technology for intelligent solar panel inspections by Logan Williams

11 Feb 2021
Reports Prof. Chen presents a lecture in Fellowship Inaugural Lecture series

18 Nov 2020
A Congradulations Tianxiang Zhang passes his PhD viva

18 Nov 2020
Report Prof Mark Cannon from University of Oxford gives us a talk

Nov 2019
Congratulations Prof Chen wins the EPSRC Established Career Fellowship

30 Oct 2018
Congratulations Dewei Yi passes his PhD viva

07 Oct 2018
Congratulations Prof Chen is interviewed by the prestigious IEEE Control System Magazine

29 Aug 2018
Report Successful demonstration at the EPSRC/Dstl UDRC final Showcase Event